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If it's an office, conference room, reception area or the bosses office, everyone wants their space to look its best. 


If its custom made cabinets for home or office, or existing cabinets in your kitchen, fireplace mantles, or any wood in your home, you'll always want your home to look its best for any occasion. 


For repairs and touch-ups, we can fix loose joints and touch-up nicks, gouges and dings. 

Upholstery, Special discount with the purchase of our large selection of fabrics to choose from. 


Pick-up and delivery is available.


Are service includes; resoration, general furniture repair, refinishing, finishing, custom finishing, custom colors, caning, upholstery, painting, touch-up, cleaning and moving for residential or commercial.

Restored piano
Fay Furniture Services Inc.

Here is an example of refurbishing/painting. After cleaning the piano and we replace any missing parts we then paint the piano. We are fully capable of color matching to anything you want. You can provide us with a sample or we'll gladly work with you to make one. Painting can some times be a cost effective way to spruce up a piece that you might have otherwise thrown out.

On site mock courtroom restoration at John Marshall Law School
Fay Furniture Services Inc.

On-site Touch Up

Here is the mock courtroom of John Marshall Law School. This job involved lot's of touch up as well as blending panels to match one another. Jobs like this usually require us to come in after hours, which is something we have no problem doing. Some work can be done in your home to help cut the cost of pick up and delivery, we'll even come to your office in the city! We've done a lot of work in hospitals, schools, high rises, and goverment institutions.

Restored and Upholstered chairs
Fay Furniture Services Inc.

For upholstery we have many sample books with lots of designs and colors to choose from. Should you still like the fabric you have but the cushions inside have deteriorated over time we can replace those for you as well. When it comes to upholstery no job is to big or to small, we'll work on anything from a bar stool to full sectionals as well as wall panels. 

Refinished desk
Fay Furniture Services Inc.

Refinishing is great way to make piece look its best. What we do is remove all old finish and and sand down to the bare wood. From here your color options are almost limitless. We could match the piece to another one in your home or office. The desk you see here had water damage along the top as well as wear and tear along the sides and handles. With refinishing we were able to get rid of water marks, something that is very common for dining room tables, and make the piece look as good as it did when you first bought it!

Kichen cabinet restoration
Fay Furniture Services Inc.

When we it comes to kitchen cabinets we have many options for you to choose from. For those of you that need to be more cost effective refurbshing is the best route. With that we'll take all the doors to our shop, clean the doors, touch up any damge and recoat them. While the doors are curing in our shop, we'll come back to your kitchen, clean and touch up and damge to the rest of the cabinets. If you want to still be cost effective but want to drastically change your cabinets, we would do the same process but paint the cabinets to any color you want, for additional cost we can glaze over the cabinets. However if your a fan of wood grain, like us, we can strip all the doors and cabinets, stain, and finish them however you would like. A final option is to get rid of your current cabinets and have new ones custom built, which is a service we also provide.

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